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Adamello Park House

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The Hostel is situated in Vezza d'Oglio ( www.vezzadoglioturismo.it ) a small village in the Hight Valle Camonica between two Parks: the Adamello and the Stelvio Park's. Vezza d'Oglio is a 7 km from the popular ski-resort Temω - Ponte di Legno -Tonale - Presena ( www.pontedilegnotonale.com ). The Hostel is linked to Ponte di Legno by minibus, allowing guests easy access to the ski resort.
The Adamello Park House Hostel can provide accomodation for individual and for groups; the bedrooms are simple but comfortable with bunk beds while downstairs there is a dining room and kitchen.
All the rooms have the private bathroom inside the room or on the floor.
There are various accomodation options: indivuduals, couples and families can choose room only or bed and brekfast. For groups of at least 15 people we can also provide half or full board. Sel-catering is available for groups. Adamello Park House Hostel has a small garden, as well as a lecture room (a room with a big screen to see slides and documentaries) and a large car park.

Prices (€ 1-night stay)
Reservation obligatory (24 h in advance)

Overnight stay: € 22.00
Bed and Brekfast*: + € 3.00
Half Board*: + € 16.00
Full Board*: + € 24.00 (with packet lunch)

Children less than 3 years old FREE.
*Formulas feasible with a minimum of 15 people.
Will be provided by the laundry room and each guest is required to bring own towels (available for hire of towels at a price of € 4.00 - towel and tissue).

Self-catering is available for groups: price on request (for quotes contact us: alternativaambiente@gmail.com)

Info and reservation contact us:
Adamello Park House - Alterntiva Ambiente
via Nazionale 132
25059 Vezza d'Oglio (BS)
tel fax 0364.76165

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